Original Decaf (Colombia Excelso)

Coffee: Decaffeinated Colombia Excelso
Region: Huila, Monserrate
Processing Method: Washed

We really wanted a decaffeinated coffee option that wouldn’t taste like a decaf coffee, but rather something that we could happily drink and proudly serve to our caffeine-phobic friends. After sampling dozens of decaf coffees, this Excelso from Monserrate, Colombia was the clear choice.

Monserrate is a small town comprised mostly of small-scale, family-owned coffee farms, in the mountainous southwestern region of Colombia. Several years ago some of these producers formed the organization Grupo Asociativo Productores del Nuevo Milenio (PROAGROMIL) to pool their coffees and sell them at a better price on the global market. With the group’s success, PROAGROMIL has grown to include 42 members with a annual yield of about 825 bags of green coffee. This single origin coffee is carefully depulped, fermented, and dried on raised beds at each farm before being blended together for export through a direct trade relationship, and it also happens to be a pretty great coffee.  

We roasted this coffee on the lighter side of medium to allow the sweet floral and bright cherry origin characteristics to dominate while still allowing the roasting process to add a smoky chocolate undercurrent. We are really excited to offer this coffee and support the Monserrate community in their efforts to produce better coffee and create a better life for their families.

12oz Bag