conundrum coffee nitro: the next great thing in coffee

We put our craft-roasted coffee on tap, and got a result you'll love.

Conundrum Coffee Nitro brings you superior coffee flavor, plus a creamy texture reminiscent of beer.

serve it

Superior coffee — now from a nitrogen tap.
Delight your customers with a unique,
upscale beverage experience.
Add a profitable, high-quality new
product line to your menu.
Set a new standard, with an
exceptional beverage crafted by
Loveland roaster, Conundrum Coffee.
Get Conundrum Coffee Nitro
on your draught menu today!
Call us at 888-868-5849.

sip it

Get your caffeine kick,
with a beer-like experience.
The all-coffee drink has a beer-like
"head", which cascades gently
through every glass.
Conundrum Coffee Nitro feels
creamy and smooth, like beer —
but it's all coffee.
Try it whenever you want a great
alternative to alcohol.
Enjoy a rich, robust flavor that comes
only from top-quality roasted coffee.
Get a taste! Conundrum
Coffee Nitro is now on tap.
Click here for a list of current
locations that are serving it up.