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Conundrum Sample Gift Pack

Includes a selection of 4 different whole-bean coffees (4 oz each) in an artisan gift bag... [more]

Dark Natty (Natural Ethiopian)

Roast: Medium Region: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Processing Method: Natural process... [more]
12oz Bag

Don't Panic! Blend (Fair Trade Organic)

Roast: Medium+ Region: Africa & Indonesia Processing Method: Organically grown... [more]
12oz Bag

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Fair Trade Organic)

Roast: Light Region: Konga Cooperative Processing Method: Washed... [more]
12oz Bag

Guatemala Huehuetenango (Fair Trade Organic)

Fair Trade... [more]
12oz Bag

Mexico Chiapas

Coffee: Mexico Chiapas Region: Mexico Chiapas - Nueva Linda Processing... [more]
12oz Bag

Sumatran (Fair Trade Organic)

Roast: Medium Dark Region: Sumatra Cooperative Processing... [more]
12oz Bag

Original Decaf (Colombia Excelso)

Coffee: Decaffeinated Colombia Excelso Region: Huila, Monserrate Processing Method: Washed... [more]
12oz Bag

Classic Blend

Coffee: Classic Blend Region: Central & South American Blend Processing Method:... [more]
12oz Bag


Handmade Gift Packaging

Let your coffee gift arrive in style with the addition of our handmade jute gift bag! This... [more]

Women's Brewing Methods T-shirt - Large


Toddy® Cold Brew System

Are you into iced coffee, or do you simply prefer the super-smooth, low-acid taste of... [more]