Dark Natty (Natural Ethiopian)

Roast: Medium
Region: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Processing Method: Natural process, sun-dried on special beds about half a meter above the ground, where it is regularly turned to provide uniform air flow.

Previous name: Natural Process Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Grown a mile above sea level in the majestic red clay soils of Ethiopia, Conundrum Coffee’s Yirgacheffe comes from a variety of heirloom coffee varietals. This ECX (Ethiopian Commodities Exchange) coffee is brought to the washing stations by about 1,300 small-holding farmers, a testament to its native charm and character.

Designed around some of our favorite coffee experiences, Conundrum Coffee’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe evokes the memories of your first vibrant, juicy coffee. Overflowing with the aromas and flavors of sweet blueberries, this smooth roast will greet you as soon as you open the bag, and carry on through the palate like a creamy milk chocolate.

12oz Bag