Classic Espresso

Coffee: Classic Espresso
Region: Central & South American Blend
Processing Method:  Washed

For our first espresso blend, we wanted to recreate the tried and true flavor profile: a creamy mouthfeel, bittersweet chocolate and light nutty flavors with a touch of roastiness.  We stopped the roast just after the first pop of second crack which worked to retain just the right amount of tart cherry acidity.  The result is a nicely balanced and sweet shot of espresso with a medium to dark brown crema and pleasant finish that lingers.  

Even though it was designed for the espresso machine, it is equally delicious as a drip brew, french press, and aeropress.... Well, any which way you want really.  Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

5lb Bag
12oz Bag
4oz Bag